About Volution…

What IS “Volution”

vo•lu•tion [vəˈloō sh ən]

1 poetic/literary a rolling or revolving motion.

2 a single turn of a spiral or coil.

What’s in a word? Everything.

A turn of a spiral in a single fluid, seamless motion.

Design, executed in accord with the order of the natural world: A complete circle.

All points connected.

All concerns addressed.



An orderly, even progression towards an ideal: The full realization of a vision.

Your vision.

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Who is Volution

Volution is a unified, high-performing organization oriented towards creating designs, sites, printed collateral and other communications materials breathtaking in their diversity, yet unified by a single overarching goal: High performance, in accord with the needs and desires of each and every one of our clients.

Volution founder Maureen Buecking is a seasoned design professional whose professional experience, extensive training, creative vision, and keen insight into both client needs and market trends combine to deliver uniformly outstanding results across diverse media for clients across a broad range of industries. Leading name brands, vaunted advertising firms, small local businesses—all have benefited from her insistence upon quality, meticulous attention to detail, keen creative insight, and unswerving professionalism.

At Volution, only the best is good enough. It’s exactly what you deserve. And exactly what you get.

WhEn is volution

When do you need Volution? When your business needs to cut through the clutter of countless sites, ads, and marketing messages. When your business needs to stand apart from the crowd—by rising above it.

When you need imagery and messaging that reflect you and your business as you really are. When you need to reach beyond the average—to capture attention, to connect, to communicate, and to drive measurable business results.

When you want a marketing communications partner that cares about your business, your goals, your objectives—and who will go the extra mile to help you attain them. A partner that listens, understands, and executes.

When? Now. Because when success is the objective, there’s no time like the present.

why volution

Maureen shocked me when she asked me several deep software questions, which I did not expect an artist to ask.

Later and soon I learned that she is always curious about how to use technology to improve her effeciency and make things better — She basically found and recommended one image metadata extraction plugin for SharePoint for which I am mainly responsible. She is also prepared about her technical questions after a lot of research.

I really enjoyed working with her. I am very confident she will immediately be a valuable asset to any company looking for self-motivated and creative employees.

Guangming He
Information Management Developer/Analyst at Michigan State University

If you are looking for someone who can bring your creative vision to life, or who can help you define and refine that vision, Maureen is the art director you need. Her artistic talent runs deep, and her interpersonal skills are superb. Brainstorming with Maureen is fun, productive and inspiring. She is a committed team player who will pull out the stops to get a job done on time with an emphasis on quality. Without hesitation, I recommend Maureen for any position that requires creativity, quality, commitment and insight. She is a pleasure to work with.

Cindy Hoogasian
Marketing Manager at MDA Insurance & Financial Group